I Cannot Agree

I cannot agree

For it is a conspiracy


Don’t you ever consider

How they heavily favor


The right’s of those with deep pockets

And to the rest they must sock it?


“Get to the point,” says his friend, taken aback.

“Why I refer, of course, to the almighty contract!”


Every time I sign my name

It’s my very soul that they try to claim


If something should happen, God forbid!

Then all that I’ve done is rendered undid


Why should they reap from my undoing?

No recourse for me, but to end up stewing


Leaving me in dreaded shape

Tied up in court with no way to escape


But, I found a way to befuddle and hook wink

Because you see, I use invisible ink!

Lucìa Arrivato
May 23 2022

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