Chatter drifting by,

My friends have moved on,

They have forgotten me,

I am alone,

Isolated and forgotten.


The tv chat show host,

My only human contact,



My isolation amplified.


Footsteps outside my door,

Will they pause to say hello?

Do they remember my door?

My hand reaches for the handle,

Hopeful and despairing.


The chair tries to comfort me,

I feel empty in its embrace,

I reach for the teacup,

Cold and forgotten,

An all too familiar feeling.


The sun has gone,

Lights flickering from the tv,

Just white noise,

No longer enough,

I want to go now.


Nothing left,

The room is empty,

I’m no longer there,

Footsteps hesitate by the door,

I’m not here to answer or care.

Craig Worcester
Apr 14 2020

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Really poignant and moving.

Rod Webb
Jul 4 2020