For Ellis

For Ellis..


Trapped inside an active mind,

Look into my eyes what do you find. 

A life of happiness and joy,

Long forgotten, forever a boy.

All that’s left is photographs,

Did I really walk those paths.

People say, who am I?

My eyes turn up towards the sky.

I have no memory of their faces,

Or even how to tie my laces.

My own name now sometimes evades me,

I try , but I cant find the key.

To unlock the memories I must carry,

Am I a bachelor, or did I marry?

So many faces look at me,

I don’t know who they think I see.

Some days I ask, ‘can I  go home?’

Some days I want to be alone.

Don’t judge the man you now all see,

That’s not how to remember me.

Cast your mind back, if you can,

I’m still here, your gentle man.

Valerie Coleman
May 1 2020

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